In the recent year, a number of influencers revealed how they struggled with fertility problems more or less concurrently with pregnancies announcements.

Among the influencers I am the most familiar with, I would mention Kenza Zouiten, Paola Turani and Gabrielle Caunesil. I am so happy for these women and their families that they finally realised a long time dream. I really am.

But of course, there’s a but.

I couldn’t help but…

During my last trip to my hometown, Padova, I discovered my new favourite piece of art: La Madonna dell’Acqua Lurida by Federico Soffiato. Deemed by some as irreverent at best (and blasphemous at worst), I personally was extremely moved by its universal message, which can be found at the intersection of the sacred, the profane, and the political.

I was born in Padova, a city in the Northern Italian region called Veneto, mostly known for its University and for being the set of Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming of the Shrew. Or, at least, these are the references that have been proven to work best according to my long…

In Sweden, data such as your home address, telephone number, birthday and even your bank card references are often available to anyone through a simple Google search. The initial reaction of new residents is, usually, to panic. But don’t despair: I am here to help!

When I found out about it, several months after I moved here, I almost had a panic attack” — Andrea told me — “I frantically started to try to remove my info from the internet, but nothing really worked. In my panic, I thought about calling the police or something…

And on why I refuse to accept the concept of ‘whiteness’ outside the context from which it originated

I am a first-generation mixed-race from Italy, a country that recently started to be aware of the inexorable shift towards being more multicultural both at the national and European level. It is also a country that has recently rediscovered its deep problems with racism and a colonial past that was…

Carole Feuerman in Venice

One of Feuerman’s hyper-realistic sculptures exhibited in Bel-Air Fine Art in Venice.

I currently am spending some days on my own in Venice, Italy.

I really missed traveling solo, and I was looking forward to visiting museums at my own pace. Nonetheless, I am on a pretty tight schedule: I got a pass that grants access to dozens of museums and churches…

When art bridges the technological gap between reality and futuristic scenarios à la Black Mirror

«No preambles, we traveled in time thanks to a chronotransporter delivered to us anonymously at the beginning of 2017.

Apparently we have nothing to worry about, history will continue to offer a succession of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, while the Sun does not seem so determined to explode…

In Italy, the National Day of Palliative Care is celebrated on 11 November.

An overview of the perimetrical wall of the hospice Casa Santa Chiara in Padova.

This year I will spend the whole month of November in my hometown, Padova, visiting my family and holding a lecture in my former university, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Not only I am glad to get a break from the dark Swedish winter, but also I love to immerse…


I research climate change & migration for a living. Here I write about everything else

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