Hello and thank you for reading! Many of you asked if I received a response from the store, and, well, I did! And an incredibly problematic one - I will just post it here and you can make your own conclusions. I seriously have second-hand embarrassment. here's the comment they posted under my original FB post (I Google translated from Italian):

"Hello Alessandra,

we regret reading your words in reference to one of our stores.

We are a reality that makes sobriety and inclusion two of the key points on which to work on a daily basis. Inclusion itself sometimes leads us to these unpleasant situations. She did not converse with a simple naive or unprofessional saleswoman, she conversed with our job placement with a difficult experience behind her and some problems reported by her in her writing that is trying to get back into the game and find her own space and balance in this company. (It is not our custom to put labels on people on duty and this distinction cannot be obvious and unfortunately leads to unpleasant situations that we often manage to resolve immediately).

In any case, today we will call back and make it clear to the person in question that the way they behaved was not correct.

We are also sorry that what happened was not immediately reported to the other operators present in the shop at that time who would have had the opportunity, first of all to apologize and then to explain the reasons for this behavior which in any case remains wrong.

Reconstructing what happened in order to be able to give you an answer as sincere and correct as possible, however, we also want to underline that the manager (of whom we can also give you the references if you wish) who met them at the cash desk, congratulated you on the choice of the garment and 'pairing.

We hope to have partly clarified what happened and we hope to see you again in our shop when you return to Padua. However, we remain available for further clarifications if you wish."

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