I just found out that this has happened to me, and I am shocked. I found out only because I was searching my name and surname on Google, and it appeared because I wrote it as the author of the pictures I attached to my article. I am shocked, they did not changed a thing! They even took my pictures!

This is my original article: https://medium.com/dark-room/at-the-intersection-of-the-sacred-the-profane-and-the-political-we-find-the-madonna-of-the-1b70bdc9ceaa

This is the theft: https://ichi.pro/de/an-der-schnittstelle-von-sakralem-profanem-und-politischem-steht-die-madonna-des-schmutzigen-wassers-30171034406570

I could not help but noticing that this website is packed with advertisement, so to add salt to the wound they are likely to be monetizing more than us...